Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Sale!

*SOLD*Anthropologie Pakpao Maxi Dress Size 6 - $55 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Sky Trails Maxi Dress Size XS- $50 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Macramé Day Dress Size M - $40 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Stripewise Chemise Size M - $35 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Scoopback Maxi Dress Size L - $35 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Cinch and Flow Maxi Chemise Size M - $30 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Smocked Mini Dress Size M - $30 shipped
Note: Tag was removed and left holes in the lining, but they are not visible from the outside.

*SOLD*Anthropologie Canela Panel Skirt Size M - $30 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Daydrifter Denim Tee Size M - $30 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Lily of the Valley Blouse Size 8 - $20 shipped
*SOLD*Anthropologie Chiffon Swing Top Size Small - $15 shipped
Anthropologie Sidebent Tank Size Small - $15 shipped

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