Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Sale!

*SOLD*Anthropologie Crochet Tunic Dress Brand New Size Medium -  $130 shipped
Great Deal! Selling on Anthropologie's website right now for $168!

I received this dress from Anthropologie in the mail yesterday and it is just not working on me. Rather than make the 2 hour trip to return this dress, I thought I would try to sell it on here at a discounted price.

Anthropologie Kalos Maxi Dress Size Medium - $35 shipped

*SOLD*Anthropologie Hexprint Maxi Skirt Size Medium - $35 shipped

Anthropologie Harvest Moon Poncho Size Large - $50 shipped

Spool 72 Aztec Print Lightweight Sweater Size Large - $20 shipped

Hue Super Smooth Denim Leggings Brand New Size Medium - $25 shipped